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About Our Database

It all started when I was having trouble with my blood pressure, and a normal workout routine wasn't helping. I decided that I needed a really agressive exercise routine. My husband and I already enjoyed bike riding, and I suggested that we start to get really involved in it. We started riding three or four times a week, including at least one all-day ride on the weekend.

To help keep my determination up, I decided to add a trails page to my personal website. I started taking my digital camera with me to get picture to post. While I had the camera out, I started taking pictures of wildflowers along the trails, and soon I was discovering dozens of new flowers every week. From there, I started to identify what I'd found. It wasn't long before I needed a database to catalogue the information. And the rest is history.

We're still biking, though not quite as often, and still adding photos almost every week during the growing season.

No, I'm not a professional botanist, nor do I pretend to be one. This is a hobby, albeit an enthusiatic one. I put a lot of time into trying to make sure my identifications are right, but I'm surely not infallable. If you think I've gotten one wrong, drop me an email.

- Deb Thompson