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Wildflowers from the trails of western Pennsylvania and beyond
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Budding new feature!

You'll start to see a new feature on some of our detail pages. It's labeled easily confused with. Now, when you're trying to identify a flower, you'll see suggestions for other similar flowers. The data for this feature is far from fully populated, but see the entry for Pale-Leaved Sunflower for an example. Keep watching as we continue to build this feature.

wildflowers of western pennsylvania
Wildflower of the Week:
Wild Blue Flax
Newest Additions
Montour Trail, 8/31/2013
Crimson-Eyed Rose-Mallow Brown Knapweed Brown Knapweed
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Oxeye Halberd-Leaved Violet Showy Milkweed
Eastern Purple Coneflower Everlasting Pea European Columbine
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Shrubby St. Johnswort Biennial Guara Rough Hedge-Nettle Common Cinquefoil